Ivana Králíková

Why do you cook?

What would i eat if i did not cook?



Room installation

at Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden

Feast of ceramic tableware. Sculptural, site specific work inspired by narratives coming from interviews and conversations I had with family and friends around human relationship to eating. The interviews were focused on the topics of everyday experiences related to food, desires, tastes and hunger. The large size of these tableware pieces suggests that they are for more than one diner.

Rotten elephant

plaster, porcelain

96 cm x 123 cm x 79 cm


Low bite

plaster, porcelain, pigment, plant seeds

28 cm x 120 cm x 105 cm



plaster, porcelain, steoneware, plaster

132 cm x 96 cm x 104 cm

Hope chest of hope

plaster, pigment, porcelain cobalt, transparent glaze

38 cm x 89 cm x 46 cm

Beer fountain

1, 78 cm x 153 cm x 78 cm

2, 98 cm x 134 cm x 98 cm

plaster, pigment, stoneware, porcelain, earthenware, cobalt, transparent glaze

Conversation piece

plaster, porcelain, cobalt, transparent glaze

59 cm x 65 cm x 39 cm