Ivana Králíková

Wet Paradise


(Centre for surf meditation)




Monument against cold and for fertility

with Marianne Vlaschits

at VBKÖ ( Austrian Association of Women Artists ),

Vienna, Austria

Here the driving force was the need for relaxation and wish to gain the knowledge of practicing the art of achieving balance through catching the perfect wave.


This work which we made together with artist Marianne Vlaschits was a collection of sculptures. For example walk in grotto sauna and a monument which helps to cure you from cold.

We also explored the power of water and how it can be translated into sculptures and wellness space when using our own experiences as a starting point. Marianne searched for her inspiration in South and Central America and was inspired by male physics in wet surroundings. Ivana was inspired by the three surfboards in her second name ( Králíková )and what she learned from one of the lakes located in a west Stockholm during the summer 2012.

The work unfolded around central questions: Does water have nurturing powers and effects on human body and psyche?
How does affect us to be surrounded by water, for example to hear it, to look into it and to think of water?


Material: clay, stones, ceiling lamp, glitter paper, sea sponge, hand soap, fish balloon, heart balloon,