Ivana Králíková





With Yurie Hama, Akane Moriyama,

Underverk, Izumi Sato & Kyuhyung Cho

at Yurie Hama ´ s home, Stockholm, Sweden

At the end of the year 2013 I was invited to provide tableware pieces for a culinary public event Savouring. The event was organized by Japanese, Stockholm based chef Yurie Hama and Underverk.

The dinner was held at Yurie ´s home to enhance the cosines of the happening. Yurie prepared a casual yet elaborate Japanese meal, inspired by the space of her home, as well as by the objects created by artists who were invited to contribute to build the whole setting as well as atmosphere of the event. The participating artists were: textile artist Izumi Sato, graphic designer Kyuhyung Cho and textile designer and architect Akane Moriyama.