Ivana Králíková

Snowing like hell INN



Installation / Performance

at Brunnsvik Konst, Dalarna, Sweden

An intimate setting for a provisional temporary restaurant for five guests only. This various layers room installation was a reaction to the unpleasant cold weather with the aim to create an environment where people could meet. It was spread inside of a dark, old Swedish style dinning hall in the countryside in Dalarna in Sweden. The core of the installation was located by a fire place with a food serving area under the dining table.  With the use of both fresh wet clay and also fired clay ceramic made tableware was explored the taboo of raw material ceramics in the dining culture and its utility for serving. All the ceramic pieces were fired afterwards and became a permanent gadget in Brunnsvik konst´s paraphernalia for their special events.


Material: clay, porcelain, plastic foil, fabric, aluminium foil