Ivana Králíková

A seminar and exhibition on art and handicraft for palliative care.

The space of death has its own culture.

A room in anticipation of death is not like the other rooms.

Can carefully designed objects and milieus influence experiences

of the final stages of life? How can artists´craftsmens´ and designers´

way of working contribute to our knowledge of how to create

caring environments?


My contribution to this project were life-size ceramic cat sculptures. The starting point was the belief that cat can access different worlds, therefore cat was chosen here as a companion and at the same time a guide between worlds, between life and death and a also as a protector. In the exhibition the sculptures had the function of an orientation system, the 9 cats were placed at different spots within the exhibition space. They had audioguide buttons attached to their noses to help the visitors to be guided through the Room for death.


Material : stoneware, earthenware, porcelain, audioguide button, tape




Ceramic audioguide cats

Arkitekturmuseet, Stockholm, Sweden

curated by Katarina Sjögren

project coordinator Magnus Ericson

with Jelena Rundqvist, Jonas Williamsson,

Jenny Källman, Jenny Damberg