Ivana Králíková

Keep your collaborator hungry



Single channel video (12:54 min)

with Marta Dauliute

Unless Otherwise Noted, curated by Marina Noronha

at Hessel Museum of Art, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY, USA

Keep Your Collaborator Hungry is a collaboration with director and documentary maker Marta Dauliute. A video documentation of a staged pottery studio situation where the main actor is a cat. For the shooting I set up a provisional pottery studio where the cat and I ” work ” together in the shared facilities for ceramic production. Cat has its own behavior, instincts and ways to explore space. I became interested in what the cat can teach me, what can be adopted from cat ́s behavior into my own practice from this shared studio space experience? The material for the video was collected during one day and one night, when cat ́s senses appeared sharper. The video shows how one mirrors each other ́s behavior within the space and how the maker projects her desires onto the animal.

Excerpt from video