Ivana Králíková

Kakigori Rullator


2014 -

with Rui Tenreiro

at Kikusen, Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities, Stockholm, Sweden


KIKI boutique, Stockholm, Sweden

There is a lot of ice and snow in Sweden, so why is it not present in Swedish cuisine? With this question in mind we adopted Japanese shaved ice dessert ” kakigori ” in a collaborative endeavor ” Kakigori Rullator  ” together with artist Rui Tenreiro. With our pop up stall we were aspiring to ” break the social ice ” in Stockholm. The aim was to use ice culinary and produce affordable sweet dessert for the general public. With imported, industrially manufactured ice shaving machine from Japan we started to produced ice dessert which was served into our handmade porcelain chalice like bowls, inspired by korrikopu ( traditional kakigori  glassware). Theses ice shaving sessions became performances, exchanges of ideas and hang out spots for guests. The sessions took place at KIKI, Japanese boutique in Stockholm and on several occasions at KIKUSEN in The Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities on the Skeppsholmen island in Stockholm, Sweden