Ivana Králíková

Home Quest



Installation / Performance

Videos: TV, Bed and Crawl

at The Banff Centre, Banff, Canada

Home Quest is a place specific work created at the Banff Centre in Canada in the autumn 2014. It is a collection of activities with a central idea of how to create a home and what role in it play materials and things. It was spread in and around the Banff Centre and documented with photographs, video and ceramic artifacts. The mountain Banff area is known for people coming there to get a vision and that became an inspiration for the scenario of my activities at the residency. I used clay materials and applied them in a way to get acquainted with the new surrounding. Including several experiments with physical exercises, crawling, stalking and clay bathing to bring myself closer to the ground and gain unusual perspectives of the place. To protect myself during the activities in the wilderness, habitat of predators ( where human turns into food ). I hand build ceramic bells specifically a raku ceramic bear bells as a protection from the wild animals when working outdoors.