Ivana Králíková

Gräv där du står

40V & 14,5 mA



IASPIS, Open House, Stockholm, Sweden

Gräv där du står is a long term exploration of land use in cities. 40 V & 14,5 mA  is the research´s initial stage, aiming to employ earth materials as an electrically conducting solution, combined with two dissimilar metals as electrodes; zinc metal sheets & copper wire to form an earth battery.


For that I have used different earth material samples originating in diverse areas in Stockholm or its suburbs, kaolin harvested in Czech Republic and danish red earthenware purchased in ceramic materials supplier. I used them all in isolated battery cells or in whole battery units to explore their individual qualities to generate electric power. Altogether the collection of batteries provided minimally 40 V and 14,5 mA.


The aimed result was an audio performance with a following scenario: the battery would charge a small mp3 player connected to monitor speakers distributing pre-prepared, self-composed audio piece for the audience.