Ivana Králíková

Clay dj-ing




Installation / Performance


a. with Jelena Rundqvist,

Materiality Matters at The Norwegian Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, Oslo, Norway


b. with Jean-Louis Huhta & Jelena Rundqvist

When the conscious listens to the unconscious,

curated by Jelena Rundqvist

at IASPIS, Stockholm, Sweden

Clay Dj-ing is a hybrid practice of two seemingly incompatible activities of live DJ-ing on a turntable turned into pottery wheel, an ancient practice of shaping round ceramic vessels blended here with live playing of reproduced music from a DJ ́s instrument.


During the performance ceramic tableware is thrown on a vinyl record, the force and speed of potter ́s hands is what makes the tempo of the sound. The hearable sound from the speakers as well as a ceramic object are the outcome of the session.


Material: clay, fruit, leaves, record player, ceramic bowl, vinyl records ( Queen - Hot Space, Prince - Purple Rain, Spoof - Soopa Bass )